Newsletter Names

Newsletter Names comes in many forms

Most often will new subscriber have to choose between newsletters from a long list on names and at best a short description.

So make sure your choice will stand up for itself.

A good name will be a good start of your branding process as well as give your newsletter some character!

Brand your Newsletter/Ezine

There are ways to make up a good name.

Things to use,

* Niche
* Profession
* Special Interests
* Animal
* Sport

and so on.

add to this words like,

* Gazette
* News
* Daily
* Weekly
* Monthly
* Insider
* Tips

And you have a good start.

Some examples are,

marketer weekly, zoo insider tips, online publishers monthly and so on.

Or you can go for the unique and strange and use something made up from nowhere.

Scootey Lindo, Zapping tides, Blue velvet times.

Let your mind play!

More resources will be added shortly. Click here for more info about newsletter formatting. Click here to download our free newsletter templates.